small and more: Leselotte Book Holder Blue-B000V1KQJI

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  • Red

    • For all standard book sizes.
    • Assorted Colours
    • Cover: 100 % cotton
    • Polystyrene-filled cushion
    • Washable
    The Leselotte helps anyone who likes to get comfortable when reading whether they read in bed, on the sofa, at the table or on a chairThe Leselotte is an invention by two sisters who have always been annoyed that when reading in bed your arms go to sleep, your fingers get cold or at breakfast, the milk carton falls over, because you have been leaning a book against it.The Leselotte consists of two parts connected with Velcro. The envelope with the dimensions 21 x 15 cm is suitable for all standard book sizes. The accompanying polystyrene-filled cushion has a diameter of about 20 cm and adapts to all reading situations.The cover is made of 100 % cotton. After removal of the cardboard insert the Leselotte® can be hand washed. Put the front and back flaps of the book binding under the elastic strips inside the cover and it is held firmly in place.The cover is then attached to the bean bag using Velcro strips But you can also use it separately as a dust jacket.It keeps your book in the perfect position You only need to hold the sides down with one hand.The Leselotte® is a charming gift. The Leselotte is also available in your favourite colour.

    small and more: Leselotte Book Holder Blue-B000V1KQJI

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